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As a candidate and a woman, fashion is important. Fashion is everywhere and is now part of our lives. Part of Miss Teenage Canada is to show our capabilities in showing skills in terms of fashion. Last July 26th 2017, I gathered my friends for a photo shoot. As teenagers we had our group effort to show what our little town has. Fashion is art and my idea for this task is to show the real meaning of fashion. Fashion doesn’t only matters on the price but its quality; not specifically defined by its style but most especially the confidence in bringing up the style. Everywhere you go, fashion is always involved. In this task, I want to show the different kinds of fashion in different areas in life.

At work, you can have the look of a social ready person as well as showing the inner professionalism you have. Always make sure to express your thoughts and feeling on your outfit. I have two kinds of professional look to show: The
VIP Professional look and the sociable professional look.

VIP professional look is a formal look. It is good for meetings, formal events, etc. Kathleen is portraying the look of a VIP one. She is wearing a white lacy fit top matched with a pinstriped navy pencil skirt. Accessories should match your outfit and event you’re up to. A good accessories for this are the pearls, diamonds, etc that are simple and elegant. On the other hand, if you feel to socialize people, Carla is portraying for that feeling. She is wearing a black jumpsuit matched with a wedge beige sandal. Note: If you’re wearing a dark color for your top or even a a dark color suit just like Carla, it is good to wear something lighter color for your footwear to avoid dullness.

DENIM means Dauntless, Easy, Never-failing, Incandescent, and Mannerly. If you feel those things, Denim is good for you. For me, denim is the easiest fashion in this world. It is always trendy and has millions of characteristics. In this blog, we are portraying the three kinds of Denim look: the outgoing, the adventurer and the sweet-sassy look.


The outgoing denim look simply means denim pants. What’s good with denim is that it always fits wherever and whenever you want. Trixie is wearing a denim hipster pants, matched with a black sleeveless fitted top and a beige sandal. She also added a denim jacket that fits to her pants. For adventurer, it is nearly the same with the outgoing look however, this kind of look always matches with sunglasses. For sweet and sassy, skirt is a good way to answer for that. It shows some skin which connects with the sassy feeling yet with sophistication.


Summer is the most awaited season of the year. Aside from its calming weather, it also brings the easiest fashions of all. Summer clothes makes everything looks fresher, just like Jobelle wearing her dark green off-shoulders top matched with a black short. For footwear, she had white flats, and to sum up the package for summer, sun glass from coach is her answer.

Good thing in fashion industry is it’s limitless, that even in sports, there is fashion. Sweat is an addition factor in fashion. How? It makes u look fiercer. In sportswear do not forget to wear something flexible and comfortable. Kathleen and I are portraying samples in sportswear.

Kathleen is wearing a Nike Sports bra matched with Nike dry fit shorts and a black Nike Runners. To cover up, she used a Pink Neon Workout Vest. Another style is wearing a Sports bra but instead of shorts, I wear the New Balance leggings matched with Adidas crop top sweater and black Under Armour Runner Shoes.

The most important thing in fashion is how you feel and carry yourself. It is not always about style; instead it is about something you wear that makes you happy and satisfied.

For more information about our outfit and style, check out our article in street chic by clicking the link below:

Before I end this blog, I just wanted to thank #MTC2017 for this opportunity. It opens a chance for us, as teenagers, to show our skills in fashion. To Rob Campbell and Lily Liao for reviewing and making our blog better. To my friends and family for supporting me in this task, and most especially to God for making this task successful.

God bless us all and More power!

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According to Stephen Leacock, the Lord said “let there be wheat” and Saskatchewan was born. Interesting isn’t it? But aside from being the world’s largest exporter of crops, Saskatchewan has also lots of marvelous places that are worth visiting for. One of these is the Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise, a tourist attraction in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Cruising with Prairie Lily provides relaxation and will let you see the natural beauty of Meewasin Valley, taste the Saskatchewan’s pride cuisines and enjoying the scenic views while learning some heritage of the city.

The Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise opens at 10 am to 5 pm. The Prairie Lily is the perfect option for exclusive events, entertaining, meetings, and private functions. As of May 2017, they started welcoming guests to host their corporate or special events. It provides a dockside meeting space that can be added on either regular or exclusive tours; for charter menus, the staffs are willing to offer catering menu for their guests to select. The ship has 700 square feet on the main, interior deck and another 700 on the canopy covered second level. It is equipped with a bar, heating and air conditionings, two washrooms, a serving galley and a forward gangway that can be used to load or unload passengers from the front. They have different kinds of cruises that will surely fit to your dream experience on the cruise and budget. In Sightseeing Cruise you would definitely enjoy the cruise through the heart of Saskatoon on the South of Saskatchewan River. Captain’s Brunch Cruise for Sunday mornings, Dinner cruise to enjoy our very popular and leisurely Chef’s Choice dinner and experience the beauty of our river and riverbank with our house caterer, Chef Kevin from Flavours Catering. Big Sky Sunset Cruise for Friday and Saturday evenings; Tasting and Specialty Cruise for an experience of sailing with a Sommelier, and lastly, The Cruisin’ to Shakespeare which you would enjoy some stage performances of Twelfth Night and Richard III.

The Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise is my top chosen place in Saskatchewan. My experience was superb and it’s a world-class experience to remember. I tried it once and it was on one of my best friends’ birthday party. I’ve been to some party boats before and Prairie Lily is my most favorite so far. Each view was awesome and it feels more exciting as you see people riding jet skis around you and doing some tricks. Aside from the fun, staffs are very friendly and their service was really perfect. Before our departure, they did some announcements and reminders for safety purposes. They also make sure that everyone is on their best experience and always feels comfortable throughout the cruising. One interesting thing is that the captain socializes to his passengers and my experience with him was a witty one. He suggested the best spot at the cruise where I can have my “#socialmedia-worthy” pictures. Apart from food and staffs, their facilities were very neat and clean, plus factor its fresh lavender fragrance. My friends and I enjoyed the splendid experience in the cruise even though the weather is chilling that day and we’re expecting a sunset, but still it is the best night of our lives that we’ll remember and treasure for the rest of our lives.


If you’re about to visit Saskatchewan and wonder what places to visit, I’ll suggest to put The Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise on your list. It’s worth to visit if you want short paradise-feeling-of-relaxation experience together with your loved ones. For more informations and cruise booking schedules, feel free to visit their website at https://www.theprairielily.com or contact them at 1-306-955-5459/ 1-888-747-7572. To review customers’ comments and opinions about Praire Lily Riverboat Cruise, visit https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g155043-d4476478-Reviews-The_Prairie_Lily-Saskatoon_Saskatchewan.html

Thank you and enjoy the pride of Saskatchewan! Continue reading

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Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back. EmpowHER is an organization handled by Michelle Danychuk, which is filled with empowerment, self-confidence and self esteem building for young ladies in the community. It is our first event and planned to do it annually to encourage more girls in showing and helping them to figure out their passion and things that they are capable with.

I was invited to join and be one of the speakers last June 2nd at Biggar Central School 2000. I am honored to tell my story of how I found my passion in pageantry, how I coped up lacking self confidence and to encourage teenage girls to be not afraid of making a change. It is not that easy to speak in front of other girls but I know it’s easy to give an impact to them because when we’re having someone at our age to encourage us, it will be more easier for us to tell something about our experiences because we knew that we are on the same generation where most of us struggles because people judge people all of a sudden.

I’d like to share my speech in this blog to inspire and encourage more girls, not just in our community but in the entire world on building their trust and self confidence.

“To anyone who doesn’t know me, I am Shiela Montes. I was recently crowned as Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2017 and about to continue my journey this coming August at Toronto competing for Miss Teenage Canada title. I’ve been here in Canada for a year. Just like other people, I am also lacked self confidence. Moving here in Canada wasn’t that easy. It challenged my confidence most especially in socializing with new people in a new environment. I grew up in a city where everyone didn’t care about anyone. Then suddenly, we moved in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I’m used of waking up in 26 degrees Celsius at 5 in the morning, then out of the blue moved in in the place which has negative 26 degrees Celsius at 5 in the morning. Adjustments are overwhelming. It takes a lot of effort, positivity and confidence. As a title holder, someone asked me, what does it takes to become a pageant queen. My answer for that is having self confidence, the willingness in your heart to do the things you want to do and never getting afraid of accepting failures. I know everyone of us here always feels afraid and nervous of experiencing things for the first time. I can still remember my first pageant where I almost backed out. I saw my competitors looking so amazing. I felt ashamed of myself and got a very low self-esteem then I prayed so hard at that time, not because I wanted to win. I prayed to God at that time because I wanted Him to postpone that competition or else make the competition ends like nothing happened. My mom told me to at least try and do my best, because maybe it’s my passion or I’m destined to do pageantry. And she was right. On the following years, I was crowned as Campus Queen 2013 and reigned for 3 years, Miss Girl Scout of the Philippines 2014, Binibing Kalikasan or Miss Earth 2015 Division level, Binibing Kalikasan (Miss Earth) 2016 National Level and recently became Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2017. I always have with me what my grandma said, “Be the best version of yourself because you deserve all happiness and blessings in life”. My dad keeps reminding me to keep my feet on the ground and never be boastful of my achievements. For me, it takes courage and determination to find your passion in life. Once you’ve found it, build confidence to develop it more and be optimistic always. To all girls out there, we should always believe in ourselves that we have something to prove. We should always be prepared, true and have the willingness to open doors of opportunities. Be confidently beautiful with a heart as what our former Miss Universe always said and don’t underestimate the power that you have right now because you really don’t know what the future holds for you. Just enjoy your life and don’t give up on your dreams. Who knows, maybe you will be the teenager who’ll make a change that will surely make us all proud.”

Written by: Shiela

“Good things come to those who bake”

Bake sale is one of the most common fundraising movements of every organization. As people loves to eat tasty, sweet foods, we organized a bake sale fundraising movement last May 23rd, 2017 at Biggar & District Credit Union. We had a time frame of 11 o’clock am to 2 o’clock pm. We also had raffle entries in partnership with Biggar & District Credit Union and Ms. Ann Tobin Weekes, Avon Independent Sales Representative. The lucky thing about my bake sale is that people in Biggar love to buy bake goodies and some of them were blessed enough with their baking skills. Those people donated plenty of bake goods for my event and encourage everyone to go and participate on my bake sale.

People started to come at exactly 11 am. Some of my friends also helped in assisting our dear customers. Aside from the bake sale and raffle entries, we also sell Avon Bug Spray products for only $10.00. People come and some of them return to get more goods for afternoon snacks. Good thing also about our dear customers is that aside from buying lots of bake sales, they also want us to keep their change and wish me luck for my national journey.

This bake sale movement we had proves me that I am surrounded with good and kind people. God is good for making my bake sale fundraising movement very successful. At the end of the day, I always keep reminding myself to always thank the people who helped and congratulate all the raffle draw winners. I am so happy to have this kind of opportunity and looking forward for more adventures in my journey as Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2017.


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According to Agatha Christie, a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity; it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. Mothers deserve a lot of love and happiness. As a title holder as well as a daughter, my mom for me is the real queen. She deserves all the fancy crowns and well known titles that the earth could offer. A queen is an amazing, loving, strong, happy, selfless and graceful person. Mothers are the reality queens. They are the most valuable person in our lives which has a limitless potential and a priceless value.


Last May 8th, we organized a Mother’s Day Special with a theme of Royal Moms. We had their children and husbands’ attention and assigned them with some activities. Children will write a card for their moms and submit it before the program starts. Husbands are assigned to bring/cook food for the occasion. We prepared sashes that says “Mom of the Year” together with crowns and award them individually.


During the program, we are very happy that everyone participated on that small get together bonding for Mother’s Day. We started the program with a prayer then had supper for we started a little bit late. After that, we greeted our mommies and announced their names one by one. Each mom will go in front, escorted by their children/husbands. We assigned their kids to put the sashes and crowns to their mommies and have a picture with them. We also had games for kids and moms. The games are “Breakfast in Bed” where there will be 5 kids who’ll contest in feeding their moms and the first mom who’ll finish the food will shout “I am a super mom!” to signifies winning. Next game is “Who is my mom?” where mommies were given some sheet of paper and answer some simple and easy questions about their lives then put it on the board. The first child who will recognize his/her mom through that information given wins. They were given a number for raffles then any representative called will pick a number then a mom who has that number will win either goodies or make ups. The raffle draw repeats five times. We ended the party with a smile on our faces and satisfying success for the event. Before we officially ended up the event, we had some toast/cheers in honor for our beloved and supportive blessed mothers.

Mother’s Day is not only every month of May. It can be celebrated every day as they were called mommies every single day who protect and provide for their children and family. There is no small or big appreciation as long as it’s from our hearts. That day, we are so happy to have that small successful event for our dearest mothers for them to take a break and had fun as royals.

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