All About My Platform!

When I signed up for the pageant we were asked to chose a platform of any kind such as cancer, illnesses, pet abuse, and many more! I could’ve pick a few different ones but the one I picked is Bullying more due to body image though. I picked this one because I been through it and I know I can help others who have been through it as well. Bullying happens everyday and doesn’t seem to stop. With technology booming in the world, people have even more access to manipulate, (cyber bully) others through cellphones, computers, and much more.
My Story:
I am born with high metabolism which runs in our family my mother, grandma, great grandma all had it. Which I love a lot, I can eat whatever I want and not gain anything. Even though others say I will gain a lot when I get older but it depends if you eat right and get exercise as I already do I don’t think I will gain a lot. 😂
When I was in elementary school, I was bullied from my friends and teachers about my body saying things such as: “your a toothpick” “get some meat on your bones” I am in grade 6, I’m pretty sure everyone else is small just like me, I don’t even know my own body yet. To this day I have people who like to say something rude to me and I just tell them is that necessary to say.
If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all.

I believe we are all unique and special in our own ways. I believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I want men and women to feel comfortable in their own bodies

Not only was I bullied just for my body but I was bullied for other things such as being a new kid, having bigger eyes and other little things.

Did I bully back? Well of course I did, that is the one instant other people do
Did it make me feel better? Well yes and no

Remember everything starts with YOU! You could help END bullying, remember whatever you say or do to others they will always remember it forever even if you don’t think so.

How I promoted my Platform: Bullying (Body Image) so far…

Thank you to LR Future Insurance and Investments for helping me with the platform kickoff  campaign right before I went to Nationals this past July!

Thank you to all the businesses /the people who made a video that was posted on their facebook pages ether about bullying or empowerment and donated money to Free the Children and Fort McMurray that helped me in Toronto!

Businesses/ people who made a video & who also donated money to the charities:

  • LR Future Insurance & Investments
  • Studio 52A by Rebecca Trost
  • Dance Innovations
  • Shelby Wilk-Century 21
  • Carma Gramyk
  • Shoe LaLa
  • Wagner’s Flooring Ltd


Boys & Girls Club of Yorkton

boys-and-girls-2I was invited by the Boys & Girls Club of Yorkton to a presentation of Bullying to a group of 35+ kids! The kids were all so energetic and happy when I came in, when I left that day the kids compliments that they gave me were unbelievably. ” you are so pretty” “I want to be you when I grow up” “are you the queen or princess” etc. Literally every minute one child asked if he or she could try on my crown and of course all 35 of them had to try on my crown!

Thank you again Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton for inviting me!!

Thank you again to the Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton for inviting me!!

I hope to do more presentations on bullying throughout my year!



Written by: Kirsten

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