Yesterday I attended the big dreams brunch put on by the princess shop. This organization is one that has become so close to my heart. I have been volunteering there for three years and I never want to leave.

The princess shop is an non-profit organization that provides grad dresses for underprivileged female identifying students. They do graduates hair, makeup and photos  for their special day. Graduation is an important part of every students life. It is the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. Many students never thought they would make it to graduation after facing many obstacles in life. Some became parents, others were facing difficulties at home. Each one determined to change their life and become successful.

I have been in many dress appointments and if your like me you know there’s a special moment in every appointment when the graduate picks their dress. The curtains open and if you look closely you can see this special look on their face. In this split second the graduate realizes that this is their dress and that all they’ve worked hard for was worth it. They are leaving behind their childhood and moving onto the unknown. Imagine this moment for a graduate who never thought they would make it to their graduation. There is nothing better than getting to see this moment every time I walk in to help at the princess shop. This split second makes volunteering worth it. There is no better feeling than getting to help make this moment happen.

Swimming in dresses at the princess shop!

The big dreams brunch fund raiser provided the princess shop with funding to make everything they do possible. I met Miss Native American Globe while I was there. She was absolutely gorgeous and her crown was amazing.

The food was so delicious and the entertainment was amazing. They had Scott’s flyer’s preforming. They are an acrobatics yoga group that was incredible to watch. They were lifting each other and throwing each other around. It was amazing to watch.

I want to say a huge thank you to the princess shop for all the work they do within  our community. They are always doing everything they can for every graduate. They are truly such a special organization that I can’t say enough good things about.

Much Love, Miss Teen Maddy!


Written by: Madison

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