As a candidate and a woman, fashion is important. Fashion is everywhere and is now part of our lives. Part of Miss Teenage Canada is to show our capabilities in showing skills in terms of fashion. Last July 26th 2017, I gathered my friends for a photo shoot. As teenagers we had our group effort to show what our little town has. Fashion is art and my idea for this task is to show the real meaning of fashion. Fashion doesn’t only matters on the price but its quality; not specifically defined by its style but most especially the confidence in bringing up the style. Everywhere you go, fashion is always involved. In this task, I want to show the different kinds of fashion in different areas in life.

At work, you can have the look of a social ready person as well as showing the inner professionalism you have. Always make sure to express your thoughts and feeling on your outfit. I have two kinds of professional look to show: The
VIP Professional look and the sociable professional look.

VIP professional look is a formal look. It is good for meetings, formal events, etc. Kathleen is portraying the look of a VIP one. She is wearing a white lacy fit top matched with a pinstriped navy pencil skirt. Accessories should match your outfit and event you’re up to. A good accessories for this are the pearls, diamonds, etc that are simple and elegant. On the other hand, if you feel to socialize people, Carla is portraying for that feeling. She is wearing a black jumpsuit matched with a wedge beige sandal. Note: If you’re wearing a dark color for your top or even a a dark color suit just like Carla, it is good to wear something lighter color for your footwear to avoid dullness.

DENIM means Dauntless, Easy, Never-failing, Incandescent, and Mannerly. If you feel those things, Denim is good for you. For me, denim is the easiest fashion in this world. It is always trendy and has millions of characteristics. In this blog, we are portraying the three kinds of Denim look: the outgoing, the adventurer and the sweet-sassy look.


The outgoing denim look simply means denim pants. What’s good with denim is that it always fits wherever and whenever you want. Trixie is wearing a denim hipster pants, matched with a black sleeveless fitted top and a beige sandal. She also added a denim jacket that fits to her pants. For adventurer, it is nearly the same with the outgoing look however, this kind of look always matches with sunglasses. For sweet and sassy, skirt is a good way to answer for that. It shows some skin which connects with the sassy feeling yet with sophistication.


Summer is the most awaited season of the year. Aside from its calming weather, it also brings the easiest fashions of all. Summer clothes makes everything looks fresher, just like Jobelle wearing her dark green off-shoulders top matched with a black short. For footwear, she had white flats, and to sum up the package for summer, sun glass from coach is her answer.

Good thing in fashion industry is it’s limitless, that even in sports, there is fashion. Sweat is an addition factor in fashion. How? It makes u look fiercer. In sportswear do not forget to wear something flexible and comfortable. Kathleen and I are portraying samples in sportswear.

Kathleen is wearing a Nike Sports bra matched with Nike dry fit shorts and a black Nike Runners. To cover up, she used a Pink Neon Workout Vest. Another style is wearing a Sports bra but instead of shorts, I wear the New Balance leggings matched with Adidas crop top sweater and black Under Armour Runner Shoes.

The most important thing in fashion is how you feel and carry yourself. It is not always about style; instead it is about something you wear that makes you happy and satisfied.

For more information about our outfit and style, check out our article in street chic by clicking the link below:

Before I end this blog, I just wanted to thank #MTC2017 for this opportunity. It opens a chance for us, as teenagers, to show our skills in fashion. To Rob Campbell and Lily Liao for reviewing and making our blog better. To my friends and family for supporting me in this task, and most especially to God for making this task successful.

God bless us all and More power!

Written by: Shiela

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