Blog Assignment #2 Miss Teenage Canada Banner

Us ladies had to design a banner for the upcoming Miss Teenage Canada pageant that is being held next weekend in Toronto for all their upcoming events! Sign Source Solutions is generously sponsoring Miss Teenage Canada a banner and all the ladies had to create one to see which one they decide to chose!

Sign Source is a full service manufacturing company where you can get any type of sign made for any event you like!

My banner I chose is a little more simple and classy! The colours I have chosen are white, pink and black. I chose these colours because I love pink but I could have also went with red as well! I like the black and white because it feels very modern and classic. I chose “Dare To Dream” because I believe every girl out there should dare to dream just like I did when I entered the pageant! I feel like my choice to compete for Miss Teenage Canada was a great decision!

The image dimensions will be need to be  33 inches wide and 80 inches in height.


My own gorgeous simple Miss Teenage Canada Banner!

My own gorgeous simple Miss Teenage Canada 2016 Banner!


sign source

Miss Teenage Saskatchewan LOGO

My Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2016 banner for all my events I attend!

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