Fundraising is a big move that needs teamwork. As a title holder, I organized a Bottle Drive Fundraising campaign with a goal of $300 for Miss Teenage Canada’s official charity, Free the Children, to help young people in developing communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Last April 18th, 2017, we collected bottles in our town and accepted donations of recyclable materials with our time frame of 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. On the following day, most of the Filipino youth volunteered to help in segregating those recyclable materials. It was a little bit exhausting, however our team effort was paid off because on the following week, after we drove it to Sarcan, our bottle drive fundraising campaign earned $500, which means our bottle drive campaign was a big success.

I am so thankful to those people who participated and donated their plastic bottles, cans and other recyclable materials. As my first move in promoting good deeds in my community, this bottle drive campaign tells me that I have lots of people willing to support and help me in my journey to Ms. Teenage Canada Competition. I also had a realization of positivity that in everything you do, bring with you your heart, confidence and determination, and your plans will turn out well.

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