“And our Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2017 is Shiela”

Those words were music to my ears. It still feels like yesterday. To be honest, I didn’t expect this kind of blessing to come. The experience had been surprising and filled with so much excitement. It was also a bittersweet moment at the end of the show because a 2-day pageant is not enough to be with those girls. We had been so attached to each other that the experience felt less like a competition and more like ‘socializing’ with new friends; sisters. All the girls were very friendly and did not hesitate to approach and meet each other.

The reason why I got here was very epic. My mom’s friend tagged her on Miss Teenage Canada’s post on facebook to let her daughter join. What was really insane, is that I only signed up for “fun” and that the competition will be a week away from when I signed up. Who knows? I got accepted and became one of the finalists.

My first thought entering this pageant/contest -was that it was “nerve-wracking”, which it was. However, it feels more like entering an “all-girls camp” rather than entering a competition. During 1st rehearsals, we saw 2016 Miss Teenage Saskatchewan competitors wearing their crowns and sashes, and felt awed and excited. We talked and they shared their experiences during regionals up to nationals. How fun it was and how big this opportunity for all of us. They also taught us various techniques on how to properly walk, sit, act on interviews and most importantly, how to gain confidence.

On the second day of the pageant, all we did is rehearsals, preparing ourselves for later’s event, etc. As the show neared we all started to feel nervous and wished each other luck. Getting ourselves ready wasn’t as big of a hassle because everyone helped each other and made sure that no girl was left behind.

On our crowning moment, we were all ecstatic when we found out that all of us will head out to nationals. We all felt so excited about this and didn’t mind what titles we’ll have or receive because we all are already winners. They were starting to call out names until there was only two of us left for Miss Teenage Saskatchewan. My feeling at that moment was unexplainable. It was mixed emotions where I really don’t know what specifically to feel. And then they named the 1st runner up, our very own Miss Teenage Northern Saskatchewan 2017, Madison. I was overwhelmed and froze for seconds. We looked at each other and gave each other a quick hug and exchange smiles. And then our respected Michelle Weswaldi named me as the New Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2017.

We really never know what God prepared for us. Who would expect the girl who signed up late and only for fun would become the next Miss Teenage Saskatchewan. We should always believe in ourselves that we have something to prove. We should always be prepared, true and have the willingness to open doors of opportunities. Be confidently beautiful with a heart as what our former Miss Universe always said and don’t underestimate the power that you have right now because you really don’t know what future holds for you. Just enjoy your life and don’t give up on your dreams. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Miss Teenage who’ll represent your province or our country that will surely make us all proud.

First solo picture after the pageant

This picture was taken before the show.

Group picture during the last rehearsal

Crowning moment

The bittersweet moment “gonna miss you all” feeling

Written by: Shiela

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  1. Honey Sofia says:

    DAS MAH BFF!!!!

  2. yaaaaaz queen! slay the nationals! we’ll be rooting for u all the love from the philippines

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