According to Agatha Christie, a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity; it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. Mothers deserve a lot of love and happiness. As a title holder as well as a daughter, my mom for me is the real queen. She deserves all the fancy crowns and well known titles that the earth could offer. A queen is an amazing, loving, strong, happy, selfless and graceful person. Mothers are the reality queens. They are the most valuable person in our lives which has a limitless potential and a priceless value.


Last May 8th, we organized a Mother’s Day Special with a theme of Royal Moms. We had their children and husbands’ attention and assigned them with some activities. Children will write a card for their moms and submit it before the program starts. Husbands are assigned to bring/cook food for the occasion. We prepared sashes that says “Mom of the Year” together with crowns and award them individually.


During the program, we are very happy that everyone participated on that small get together bonding for Mother’s Day. We started the program with a prayer then had supper for we started a little bit late. After that, we greeted our mommies and announced their names one by one. Each mom will go in front, escorted by their children/husbands. We assigned their kids to put the sashes and crowns to their mommies and have a picture with them. We also had games for kids and moms. The games are “Breakfast in Bed” where there will be 5 kids who’ll contest in feeding their moms and the first mom who’ll finish the food will shout “I am a super mom!” to signifies winning. Next game is “Who is my mom?” where mommies were given some sheet of paper and answer some simple and easy questions about their lives then put it on the board. The first child who will recognize his/her mom through that information given wins. They were given a number for raffles then any representative called will pick a number then a mom who has that number will win either goodies or make ups. The raffle draw repeats five times. We ended the party with a smile on our faces and satisfying success for the event. Before we officially ended up the event, we had some toast/cheers in honor for our beloved and supportive blessed mothers.

Mother’s Day is not only every month of May. It can be celebrated every day as they were called mommies every single day who protect and provide for their children and family. There is no small or big appreciation as long as it’s from our hearts. That day, we are so happy to have that small successful event for our dearest mothers for them to take a break and had fun as royals.

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    Congratulations Miss Montes!

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