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All About My Platform!

When I signed up for the pageant we were asked to chose a platform of any kind such as cancer, illnesses, pet abuse, and many more! I could’ve pick a few different ones but the one I picked is Bullying more due to body image though. I picked this one because I been through it and I know I can help others who have been through it as well. Bullying happens everyday and doesn’t seem to stop. With technology booming in the world, people have even more access to manipulate, (cyber bully) others through cellphones, computers, and much more.
My Story:
I am born with high metabolism which runs in our family my mother, grandma, great grandma all had it. Which I love a lot, I can eat whatever I want and not gain anything. Even though others say I will gain a lot when I get older but it depends if you eat right and get exercise as I already do I don’t think I will gain a lot. 😂
When I was in elementary school, I was bullied from my friends and teachers about my body saying things such as: “your a toothpick” “get some meat on your bones” I am in grade 6, I’m pretty sure everyone else is small just like me, I don’t even know my own body yet. To this day I have people who like to say something rude to me and I just tell them is that necessary to say.
If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all.

I believe we are all unique and special in our own ways. I believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I want men and women to feel comfortable in their own bodies

Not only was I bullied just for my body but I was bullied for other things such as being a new kid, having bigger eyes and other little things.

Did I bully back? Well of course I did, that is the one instant other people do
Did it make me feel better? Well yes and no

Remember everything starts with YOU! You could help END bullying, remember whatever you say or do to others they will always remember it forever even if you don’t think so.

How I promoted my Platform: Bullying (Body Image) so far…

Thank you to LR Future Insurance and Investments for helping me with the platform kickoff  campaign right before I went to Nationals this past July!

Thank you to all the businesses /the people who made a video that was posted on their facebook pages ether about bullying or empowerment and donated money to Free the Children and Fort McMurray that helped me in Toronto!

Businesses/ people who made a video & who also donated money to the charities:

  • LR Future Insurance & Investments
  • Studio 52A by Rebecca Trost
  • Dance Innovations
  • Shelby Wilk-Century 21
  • Carma Gramyk
  • Shoe LaLa
  • Wagner’s Flooring Ltd


Boys & Girls Club of Yorkton

boys-and-girls-2I was invited by the Boys & Girls Club of Yorkton to a presentation of Bullying to a group of 35+ kids! The kids were all so energetic and happy when I came in, when I left that day the kids compliments that they gave me were unbelievably. ” you are so pretty” “I want to be you when I grow up” “are you the queen or princess” etc. Literally every minute one child asked if he or she could try on my crown and of course all 35 of them had to try on my crown!

Thank you again Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton for inviting me!!

Thank you again to the Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton for inviting me!!

I hope to do more presentations on bullying throughout my year!



Written by: Kirsten
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Everything you need to know about the event coming up this Wednesday September 14! Hope to see you there!!

Rally in the Alley is the first annual family harvest block party! (All information is on the poster below!) This event is special to the city of Yorkton because all the money raised will be going to the new community center that is being built! The community center will have lots to offer to Yorkton and area!justine-and-i

What is the community center you may ask? A community center is a place where people from a particular community can meet for social, educational, or recreational activities. On the poster below has all the things what it will include with it. I am happy to be helping with this event Rally in the Alley because as Yorkton continues to grow, this faculty will be wonderful for everyone no matter what age you are. If you would like to donate to the community center or even be a volunteer, all the information is on the posters below!community-2community

Justine Lutz who works at LR Future Insurance & Investments invited me to come to this event and I couldn’t be anymore excited for it! The ladies at LR Future Insurance and Investments has been helping me from the very start of the pageant. LR Future and LoSa Chic Boutique (where I also work at) helped me raise money towards Cardiac Kids for my Provincial pageant through a facebook like and share campaign where they both donated money to help me. All together I raised over $2000 for Cardiac Kids. When businesses help me like this, I feel so fortune and I start to tear up! The community makes me feel like family and I feel it is very important to always give back to your community no matter what! The ladies at LR Future also helped me with my other fundraiser for Free the Children & Fort McMurray for the National pageant. They did another thing on facebook to get even more businesses involved. The campaign was about empowerment/bullying which is about my platform I chose for the pageant. Once the business is nominate, they would have to make a video talking about their experience of bullying or empowering one another and make a donation to my charities! (More about this will be on my next blog!) All together I raised over $3000 for Free the Children & Fort McMurray.

I hope to see everyone out at Rally in the Alley! I will be at the entrance so make sure you come by and talk to me about anything you would like!

$300 raised from the Facebook Like & Share campaign! LR Future Insurance and Investments (Laurie Renton on Left) LoSa Chic Boutique (Sarah Jakubiec on Right)

$300 raised from the Facebook Like & Share campaign! LR Future Insurance and Investments (Laurie Renton on Left) LoSa Chic Boutique (Sarah Jakubiec on Right)

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At the Gala/Talent night!

At the Gala/Talent night!

Well, Miss Teenage Canada is officially over! I’m proud to say I made it into the top 15 of 54 girls! I realized that going into the pageant whether I won or lost I would still hold my title of Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2016 and that will always hold such a special place in my heart. Thank you to my family, friends and of course the City of Yorkton for supporting me through my journey to Nationals. Thank you to everyone who voted for me! When I wasn’t working at either of my two jobs I was working at all the things that needed to get done in order to compete in Toronto! I was able to fundraise $3000 that went towards Free The Children and Fort McMurray. In the past two and a half months I have attended and volunteered at more than 30 events around the city of Yorkton. I will continue to attend more and more community events around Saskatchewan! Congratulations to the new Miss Teenage Canada 2016!

Make sure to follow me on my social media pages or contact me:

Facebook: Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2016- Kirsten

Instagram: Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2016

Twitter: Miss Teenage SK 16

Email: missteenagesask2016@hotmail.com

The Pageant Experience:

First thing it isn’t anything like the T.V show toddlers & tiaras 🙂 I will tell you everything you need to know if I haven’t covered something you want to know please ask me as I am always willing to help!!

How I got into it:

One day when I was looking through Facebook I seen the “Miss Teenage Canada 2016” Facebook Page and I immediately decided to join but of course with my parents approval! There are two pageants in one with the Miss Teenage Canada 2016 pageant, the Provincial one and National one.

Rules: There are rules with the pageant!

  • Ages between 13-19
  • Born a female
  • Good moral character
  • No criminal record
  • Must be enrolled in high/elementary school or a graduate
  • May not be married, divorced or has given birth to a child
  • Must be a Canadian citizen by birth or naturalization, or be a permanent resident and must provide proof of the foregoing

** If you break one of these rules, you will have your sash and crown taken away from you**

Process: Form, skype interview and email.

When you fill out the Miss Teenage Canada form, the director of the pageant will ask you to pick a date for a Skype interview. After the Skype interview the director will email and let you know in a day or two if you made it in into the pageant!

*** You will receive a  two 40 page booklets for both of the pageants which will include what I said down below but also has stuff such as: purchase ads, pictures/videos, workshops and more details, etc.***

Skype Interview Questions: My interview only took 2 minutes.

Why did you decide to join? What are your plans after high school? How far away is Saskatoon from you? Are you fine with driving 3 hours to Saskatoon? Who is your role model that you look up to? What is one place in the world would you travel to? What are three words to describe you?

What they judge you on:

  • Interview with the judges 20%
  • Evening Gown 20%
  • Swimsuit 15%
  • Photogenic 10%
  • Overall Impression 15%
  • Charity Fundraising 5%
  • Blogging-Marketing 10%
  • Behaviour 5%

Provincial pageant:

The Provincial pageant will take place in your province! My provincial one took place on April 16 & 17 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan at the Park Town hotel (some girls stayed at different hotels or houses)

How it works:

There were 19 girls from all over like Big River, Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and many more who competed. The judges pick half or sometimes more of the girls who competed to go to the National pageant in Toronto. Therefore 11 were chosen but only 6 came because of the cost or something else came up! In the 11 girls, there is a winner, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up and 3rd runner up! The winner will receive the title of their province “Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2016”which I am so blessed and proud to say I received it. All the other girls will receive a crown and sash from wherever they are from. For example if one girl is the only one from Saskatoon she will get the title of “Miss Teenage Saskatoon”.

My Fundraising for Saskatoon:

In the pageant there was also fundraising for Cardiac Kids if you wanted to do which will help increase your final score amongst the judges. I could’ve fundraised for fee of the pageant but I didn’t. I fundraised over $2000 for the charity they picked which was Cardiac Kids!

National pageant:

The National pageant took place in Toronto Ontario. It could take place in late May, June, July or August for a whole week (7 days). We stayed at the Holiday Inn Hotel which was right by the airport.

How it works:

They were 54 girls including myself who were there from all over Canada! Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the three days when we compete.

Friday: Prelims- judged on our swimwear and evening gown (at the hotel)

Saturday: Gala/Talent Night- fun night of our talents, if you did not have a talent you had to say something sweet and simple about your platform to the audience (at the hotel)

Sunday: Final Night- announces top 20 (redo your swimwear) then top 10 (redo your evening gown) then top 5 (answers a simple question on stage) then the winner!

In the 54 girls there is a winner, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, and 3rd runner up. There are also prizes, scholarships and fast track awards to help you get into Top 20 including: social media queen (fast track), top model scholarships, education scholarship, online voting (fast track), best in runway (fast track), highest fundraiser (fast track) best photogenic picture (fast track). In the final show they narrow it down to Top 20, Top 10 and Top 5! I never got any of the awards or scholarships but I did make it into the Top 20 without any of the 5  (fast tracks so therefore I made Top 15). The winner will receive the title “Miss Teenage Canada 2016” with 20,000 of cash and prizes.

The places we went to in Toronto: In pervious years they went to the CN tower, the zoo, was on the much music channel and more! It all depends on the sponsors!

  • Square One  Shopping Mall
  • Nuvango Headquarters
  • Archer’s Arena
  • Bradlee Ryall Golf Enterprises
  • The Fit Body Project
  • Egglicious Café
  • Nirvana, The Flavours of India
  • Bata Shoe Museum
  • Dave & Buster’s
  • Lone Star Texas Grill
  • Queen Elizabeth Theatre

My Fundraising for Toronto:

Fundraising: Well I fundraised a lot!! Not to sure compared to any other girls but I only had two and a half months to do everything while I work two jobs and try to have free time to myself.

Fort McMurray & Free the Children = over $3000 (down below)

Bottle Drive: A two day bottle drive totally made my boyfriends family and my family exhausted. The bottle drive I had was in the neighbourhood where I live which made it a lot more easier = $1400

RH Electric BBQ: My awesome sponsor in Yorkton helped me out with a BBQ= $700

Browns Socialhouse: Another awesome sponsor! I sold out of tickets and had to get more made up! 103 tickets sold that evening for $20 each where it included a cheese or chicken burger, soup or salad or fries with a social soda or social lager =$700

Yorkton Exhibition Booth/Yorkton Development Museum Canada Day Booth: Thank you to my other awesome sponsor the Yorkton Exhibition for letting me have a booth at the fair this year! Thank you to the Yorkton Development Museum Canada Day for letting me have a table and a bouncy house for the kids= $400

For Myself & The Entry Fee= over $2000 (down below)

For one of my events the Brown Socialhouse Burger night I had a raffle table with all the sponsors who donated and I got to keep all the ticket money out of that.

Here are the raffle table sponsors who donated:

Thank you to the following raffle table sponsors:

Big Zee’s Pizza
Body Sugaring Lounge
Cab Clothing
Creative Ends
Crusader Drilling
Dairy Queen
Farrell Agencies Ltd
Gifts of Gold
Home Inn & Suites
Junegrass Jewelry
Kenton Doupe Photography and Design
Kimly Soft Textiles
K.W. Men’s Wear Ltd
LoSa Chic Boutique
LR Future Insurance & Investments
Mano’s Restaurant and Lounge
Penguin Refrigeration Ltd
Pet Valu
Pulse Apparel
Pumphouse Athletic Club
Refresh Massage Studio & Spa
Sangster’s Health Centre
SherRing Gold Jewellers
Terry Ortynsky’s Royal Ford
Wagner’s Flooring Ltd
Zeke’s Jewellers

Here are the sponsors who sponsor me right now through 2016!

Thank you to all my sponsors:

B.N Custom Mowing
Body Sugaring Lounge
Browns Socialhouse Yorkton
Carol’s Photography
Creative Ends
Fedorowich Construction Ltd
Harvest Meats
Hillberg & Berk
Key Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Inc.
K.W. Men’s Wear
NAU Group of Companies Ltd
Ramsay Health Fitness Yorkton
ReFined Yorkton
Rhein Men’s Fastball Team
RH Electric
Shear Bliss Salon
Source Embroidery & Screen printing
Studio 52A
Tantalize Tanning Studio
The Vintage Vault
Yorkton Concrete Products Ltd
Yorkton Exhibition
Yorkton Hyundai

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Written by: Kirsten
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canola 1The question that I hear the most when I am hosting or attending my events is, “Where are you from?” I reply with a smile on my face and say Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Most people can’t believe it and usually all share a puzzled look on their face’s and some days I still can’t believe a small town girl like me won the title of the entire province of Saskatchewan. I am very blessed and thankful to receive this title and live in a city like Yorkton. I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, the people and businesses here make you feel like family and support you no matter what. Every time I talk to people about how supportive the community is, my eyes start to tear up. I will always cherish this memory. canola 2

Interesting Facts about Yorkton:

  • The city is located in South-Eastern Saskatchewan
  • When Saskatchewan became a province in 1905, the population of Yorkton was 1,200.
  • We have world’s largest potash mine that is one hour away from Yorkton-Esterhazy and Rocanville area.
  • Yorkton is home to a big Ukrainian, German community.
  • Yorkton has one of Canada’s largest highways running through it which is the Yellowhead with that two large canola plants were built!
  • Yorkton is the third largest trading area and has a trading area of 250.000.
  • Slogan: Where Good Things Happen
  • Population of 20,000+
  • Yorkton started back in 1882, when a group of settlers from York County, Ontario established a settlement. They had been recruited by the York Farmers Colonization Company, and originally founded York Colony about two miles north of the present-day city, on the banks of a small river. In 1889 the railway was extended to Yorkton, and the colony moved to be alongside the new railway line. The railway brought with it a major arrival of European settlers which  gave the community a population boost, and a new vitality.canola 4

Interesting Facts about Saskatchewan:

  • The province of Saskatchewan came into confederation in 1905 from the Northwest Territories.
  • Saskatchewan is located in the central of Canada, Manitoba is east and Alberta is west.
  • Saskatchewan is part of the Prairie Region. Saskatchewan contains minerals such as Potash, Uranium and fossil fuels.
  • It has 39 Provincial parks and 2 National parks.
  • The city of Saskatoon is the province’s largest city, Regina (the capital city) is the second largest.
  • Saskatchewan comes from a Cree word “Kisiskatchewani Sipi” meaning “swift flowing river” which referred to the Saskatchewan River.
  • There’s over 100,000 lakes, rivers and streams.
  • The Southern Region of Saskatchewan is flat but it does have valleys and rolling hills.
  • The Northern Region of Saskatchewan has forests, marshes and much more.
  • One third of the province is farmland, one half is forest.
  • There are four main rivers which are North & South Saskatchewan Churchill and Assiniboine.
  • There are over 250,000 kilometres of roads, more roads than any other province in Canada.

canolaThanks for visiting my blog!


Written by: Kirsten
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Hey everyone! I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about one of the many amazing businesses that have sponsored me through my journey to Miss Teenage Canada here in Toronto! Hillberg and Berk was created in my home province of Saskatchewan by a young entrepreneur named Rachel Mielke. She started off her business with a small hobby of making pieces of jewelry and selling them to some close friends. Soon enough, her creative work became a million dollar business although one that is unique to some other businesses around. It was built around one main principle: empowering woman. Hillberg and Berk states that to date, they have donated 500,000 dollars in cash and product to charities that span all over the world. I was lucky enough to be sponsored by such an

At the Hillberg & Berk headquarters in Regina picking up my jewelry!!

At the Hillberg & Berk headquarters in Regina picking up my jewelry!!

amazing company and it makes it even more special to me that I want to help in the same ways that they do. We both want to empower woman to be strong, skilled and intelligent individuals who feel comfortable in their own bodies. Hillberg and Berk donated me three beautiful pieces of jewellery, a necklace and two sets of gorgeous earrings. I was able to keep the necklace for my own use but was asked to “share my sparkle” and give away the two sets of earrings in which I did to two beautiful ladies here in Toronto. Hillberg and Berk make some of the most astonishing pieces of jewelry that I have ever seen and If you ever get a chance to purchase anything from such a unique business, I would highly recommend it!

Stay tuned! I have another post coming up where I share my sparkle with two other ladies! I am SO happy and excited to share it with you.

My card and jewelry from Hillberg & Berk! Very blessed to receive this.

My card and jewelry from Hillberg & Berk! I feel so blessed to receive this.

Other side of their bags!

Other side of their bags! “Through Education, Inspiration and Opportunity, We are women empowering women-one sparkle at a time.- Rachel Mielke, CEO.

Facebook:@hillbergandberk Instagram:@hillbergandberk Website:www.hillbergandberk.com


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Written by: Kirsten
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