Hey everyone! I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about one of the many amazing businesses that have sponsored me through my journey to Miss Teenage Canada here in Toronto! Hillberg and Berk was created in my home province of Saskatchewan by a young entrepreneur named Rachel Mielke. She started off her business with a small hobby of making pieces of jewelry and selling them to some close friends. Soon enough, her creative work became a million dollar business although one that is unique to some other businesses around. It was built around one main principle: empowering woman. Hillberg and Berk states that to date, they have donated 500,000 dollars in cash and product to charities that span all over the world. I was lucky enough to be sponsored by such an

At the Hillberg & Berk headquarters in Regina picking up my jewelry!!

At the Hillberg & Berk headquarters in Regina picking up my jewelry!!

amazing company and it makes it even more special to me that I want to help in the same ways that they do. We both want to empower woman to be strong, skilled and intelligent individuals who feel comfortable in their own bodies. Hillberg and Berk donated me three beautiful pieces of jewellery, a necklace and two sets of gorgeous earrings. I was able to keep the necklace for my own use but was asked to “share my sparkle” and give away the two sets of earrings in which I did to two beautiful ladies here in Toronto. Hillberg and Berk make some of the most astonishing pieces of jewelry that I have ever seen and If you ever get a chance to purchase anything from such a unique business, I would highly recommend it!

Stay tuned! I have another post coming up where I share my sparkle with two other ladies! I am SO happy and excited to share it with you.

My card and jewelry from Hillberg & Berk! Very blessed to receive this.

My card and jewelry from Hillberg & Berk! I feel so blessed to receive this.

Other side of their bags!

Other side of their bags! “Through Education, Inspiration and Opportunity, We are women empowering women-one sparkle at a time.- Rachel Mielke, CEO.

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