Hello all, my name is Asya! I will be representing my city and province Saskatchewan at Nationals this year! I am currently 15 years old, top of my class and a very driven person. I am beyond excited about this opportunity and what is yet to come!  That being said, here’s a little bit about me:)


Starting off with music. My entire life feels like it revolves around music. From the young age of 4, I started off playing piano, throughout the years I gradually learned more instruments. As of now I play 8 different instruments and intend to learn more! I am currently involved in my local orchestra, the Saskatoon youth orchestra. I’m also apart of 3 of my school bands! I’ve surpassed many milestones so far in my music career including the senior provincial honor band, collected countless scholarships and awards from the Saskatoon music festival and just got accepted to sing for a summer charity show called “Music For The Gut” along with so many more!

Saskatoon Youth Orchestra


Not only am I invested in instruments I also enjoy singing! I’ve been the lead of many school musicals and involved in all school and most local singing events! In the summer I enjoy volunteering at my local care home and spreading joy through instruments along with playing Christmas carols for patients in the hospital during the winter. If there is anything music has taught me it’ll be how to always be focused & patient, and how to train the little concentration in myself.


I like to say I live quite a busy life.. other than completely procrastinating about all of my school work I thrive to be an extrovert. Since this was the first year of high school for me I wanted to get as involved as much as I could. I started off with joining the school’s volleyball team then I eventually progressed and got more active with my peers. I have made so many friends and started to build strong, solid relationships with some pretty amazing people. From what I’ve experienced so far in my time as a high school freshman I’ve seen some of the happiest people go through some really rough stuff and find it hard to recover from. Since then I’ve been committed to being a mental health advocate and decided to use my title and crown to promote awareness.

All of the empowering women in my life +many more



My artwork!

My family has been a major support system for me. I would never be here as Miss Teen Saskatoon if it weren’t for them. They’ve built me up and supported me with all of my endeavors.  I am so grateful I was enrolled in so many different sports as a young kid. From martial arts, skiing and swimming all the way to running, dancing and even cheerleading. I truly don’t know I sport I haven’t done. This brought me so many great experiences and I am certain this will be one too. I’ve always enjoyed bringing joy to others! Especially through volunteering. I find communication to be the greatest advantage of the life that we often take for granted. During my time as Miss Teen Saskatoon, I’ve worn my crown and sash with honor making sure I represented the foundation well. I will make sure to keep posting updates on my blog throughout this experience!

My beautiful family!


Kind regards,



Written by: Asya