Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2021!

I am honored to be competing for the title Miss Teenage Canada 2021.          


 I am 18 years old and was born in Dublin, Ireland. I Moved to Canada almost 4 years ago. Canada is a beautiful country. My favorite part about Canada is how multicultural and diverse this country is. This represents Canadian identity in so many unique ways.   

That was not easy to be an honors student and being successfully graduated from High school this year. Even though it was a tough year due to Covid-19, I managed to stay focused and achieved my goals. Moreover, I have had amazing teachers throughout my life and most importantly a supportive family.

 I am really excited to announce that I have been accepted to the Education program in the University of Saskatchewan. Since young age that has been my wish to become a teacher for students in the Elementary school. For 1 ½ years I have volunteered at my local elementary school, at the after-school program in Saskatoon. During that time my wish came through and I realized that this is the perfect job for me. It was a thoughtful choice to study for Education and to be a teacher. Thus, I realized how it is important to have a patient, kind and knowledgeable teacher, specifically, at the early age. That can significantly help children to perform and to succeed in every subject to their best abilities. The most obvious fact is that I love to be around children and they like to be around me too, which creates a perfect puzzle.  I hope that I will become one of the best teachers for the children and truly thrilled to begin this journey.

There are several hobbies that I pursue- dancing, creative art and cooking. I, also, like different sports such as basketball, tennis and swimming. I enjoy to stay active and believe it is an important part to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

From the age of 5 I have liked to pose in front of the camera. I have been modelling and acting for 3 years lately. During that time, I have walked 6 runway shows and have been building my model portfolio every year.  I really enjoy doing acting classes and have seen a huge improvement in my skills throughout the years. I hope to built my career in that industry too.


 I have taught modelling and acting classes to young children and was encouraged by their huge improvements in confidence, speech, posture and their vocabulary, which is very important too. The money I earned from teaching those classes goes towards the Make a Wish Foundation.

 The next step for me was to join a pageant. This is a fantastic opportunity that will allow me to meet all astonishing, passionate and determined young ladies across Canada.  This will allow me to meet new friends, learn novel things and to grow as a person. Furthermore, I hope, not only to use this opportunity to express my opinion but to spread positive influence on others in their journey in this beautiful World.

My Platform:

I advocate for Peace and Equality because these two subjects closely related and are remarkably necessary in maintaining positive and productive relations. This is very important for the individual; however, it is even more crucial in relation to others including your family, friends, communities, societies, countries and the global World.

Peace and Equality is especially vital in the current World because it makes the better environment for all people, across all generations and giving future generations much better opportunities.  

I have enjoyed my pageant journey this far and have been doing many things to prepare. That includes raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation by collecting recycling like glass and plastic bottles in my neighborhood to exchange for money. I also taught acting and modelling classes for children to donate the money to the Make a Wish Foundation. I have been active on social medias promoting Peace and Equality and raising awareness about important topics. As well, in this difficult economical environment due to Covid-19, I have been promoting and supporting local/small businesses on social media.

This is exhilarating time and I have been counting down days until the Pageant. I am looking forward to meet everybody and to create new memories and friendships.

Written by: Beatrice