Hello everyone!

This is Beatrice, Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2021.

I would like to send a huge Thank You to my fantastic father, who has been working as a doctor in Canada. It has been tough time, due to Covid- 19. My father has been looking after his patients during the pandemic and our family was quite worried and stressed out.

Still to this moment, all healthcare workers including nurses, doctors, technicians, paramedics, EMTs, pharmacists and everyone who supports patients’ care, who are caring for the most vulnerable groups of the population. They are at the frontlines and tackling the coronavirus with their knowledge and perseverance. Thank You to all health care workers around the world, which are risking their lives every day. Thank You for your commitment, your dedication and courage. Moreover, another Big Thank You to Everyone who has been working and supporting essential and non-essential services during this time.

All of You have been saving many lives and making the enormously positive impact on us.

Thank You Indeed!

Written by: Beatrice